Brendan Mruk

Brendan Mruk

Working primarily with watercolor, scratchboard and occasionally egg tempera, Brendan attempts to document his surroundings and provide unique insight to the viewer that may have been overlooked or obscured. After receiving a BFA from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, his work attempted to satirize pop culture and society’s need to amplify celebrities. Relocating to the greater Washington DC area, Brendan’s work took on a darker feel that peered into the political quagmire of that region. During this time, he was publishing political cartoons and experimenting with an artistic process that could be tied to the rise of the “street art movement”.

Having moved now to the beautiful shores of Cape Cod, Brendan’s work has taken on a completely different look and feel. He is inspired to recreate the sense of serenity and calm that Outer Cape provides, exploring the visual duality and the stark contrast that summer and the off-season present to visitors and residents.

Brendan’s portfolio

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