Joan Lockhart

Joan Lockhart

Painting fills me with pure joy, and I hope to portray that in my subjects — whether I am painting a landscape en plein air or a bouquet of flowers in my studio.  I love capturing the color and sense of light of a particular time and place.

I majored in Fine Art and Art History but spent my career as a sales and marketing executive in technology companies. It was exciting and allowed me to travel the world, but left little time to paint. For many years, I was a ‘Saturday’ painter with an occasional workshop or painting vacation with other artists.

Now, I am able to paint full-time while living on beautiful Cape Cod.  Surrounded by the sea and sparkling sand, the light here is magical.  There is also a wonderful tradition of art here, which continues today.

I have been influenced primarily by the European and American Impressionists for their sense of light and shadow; by the bold colors of Gauguin; by the masterful brushstrokes of Sargent, Sorolla and the Cape Ann masters, and by the strong forms of Cezanne.

I admire so many artists, past and present, and have studied and painted with many wonderful artists.  But I have been most influenced by my mentor, David P. Curtis, of Gloucester, MA.  His knowledge, wit, generosity, encouragement, talent and friendship have inspired me beyond words!

Joan’s portfolio

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