Mary Anne Tessier

Mary Anne Tessier

Mary Anne TessierMary Anne has been drawing and painting since she was a child; however, only in recent years have she been able to devote more time to her habit. She find pastel to be both challenging and forgiving. It allows Mary Anne to paint in an exact manner or be loose and painterly.

What is pastel painting? Pastel is a dry medium. The pastel itself is a short stick, chalk-like in appearance. It can be applied dry, or the painting surface can first be painted with pastel or with watercolor. If under-painted with pastel, it can then be brushed with alcohol. When the surface is dry, the painting can be finished with the dry sticks. Mary Anne likes to use a sanded paper for her artwork, although on occasion a handmade paper can do very nicely for some landscapes.

Landscapes here on Cape Cod are an artist’s dream, a never-ending supply of beaches, boats, sunrises, and sunsets. However, animal portraits are what Mary Anne truly loves doing. Each little face has its own endearing quality and expression.

Mary Anne can produce an everlasting memory of your special companion, or a landscape using your own photos as a guide. It makes a unique gift for a loved one or for yourself.

Mary Anne has lived on Cape Cod since 1983; she’s been a business owner for 23 years and a pastel painter for even longer.

Mary Anne studied with Alan Garnes at the Scottsdale Artists School in Arizona, Nancy Clauss in Paradise Valley in Arizona, Aline Gagne in Eastham, and Carrie Curran in Phoenix. She is a juried member of the Eastham Painters Guild and The Guild of Chatham artists, as well as a member of the Yarmouth Art Guild, the Cape Cod Art Association, the Cape Cod Cultural Center, and the Arizona Pastel Artist Association.

Mary Anne’s portfolio

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