Robin Wessman

Robin Wessman

Robin is a New England artist whose paintings have a classic representational approach that captures the visual and emotional experience that inspired him to paint each scene.

Direct observation of nature through plein air studies is essential to his understanding of how light affects color, texture, and form. His paintings originate outdoors, where he can work quickly to capture the spirit of the landscape as it inspired him and record as much as possible of the experience on canvas.

Many of his paintings are started using acrylics, which allow him to work quickly to capture the light and work out the composition. He often works on several paintings at a time using layers of paint to create certain effects. Robin continues to work on his paintings in oils back in the studio where he combines observation, experience, and his own internal vision to finish each piece.

Ohio University, Master of Fine Arts
University of Massachusetts, Bachelor of Fine Arts
University of Rhode Island, Master of Business Administration

Robin’s portfolio

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