Wendy Prange

Wendy Prange

Originally from England, a US citizen and now a Cape Cod resident since 2000, Wendy is an award-winning artist at Cape Cod Art Association and Vero Beach Art Guild with a passion for nautical paintings. Cape Cod offers a natural affinity for Wendy because similarities in landscape and marine activity evoke many memories of her UK birthplace. Wendy’s inspiration emanates from the natural beauty of Cape Cod, her love of the ocean and sailboats of every description, but mostly the tall ships. Wendy says if the viewer finds solace in her work, then her goal has been achieved.

Wendy has studied during the winter months in Florida with a Master Marine Painter for over 20 years. She is a perfectionist and spends an inordinate amount of time choosing her subject(s) and executing the final painting. Wendy’s paintings are individually inspired, well thought out and executed. She works on canvas or linen, and uses oil paint because of its unique texture and endless capabilities. She is utilizing palette knives more and more when creating her Cape Cod, marsh, dune and beach scenes. Wendy loves to paint beach and marsh scenes of the Cape, either on location or from the hundreds of photographs she takes. She is fascinated with the ocean and never tires of the numerous opportunities to reproduce its ever-changing scenarios.

“I cannot wait to start a new painting — the excitement and thrill of facing a blank canvas never disappoints.”

Wendy’s portfolio

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