Jenny Faw

Jenny Faw

JennyJenny Faw has been a surface designer since she was old enough to hold a crayon. As a child, she covered every empty surface with doodles and grew up creating colorful, whimsical textile designs and watercolor illustrations.

Jenny’s goal is to create artwork and products that tell a story and intrigue people of all ages and tastes. Her background is surface design, and her creations are collections of coordinating artwork, and decorative prints.

Her style is “Freestyle Watercolor” which embodies loose technique, unique color combinations, bold and brushy strokes, flora, fauna, and fanciful creatures. Her artwork is a breath of fresh air wearing a smile.

Jenny has a 20-year track record creating and producing products for the infant/children’s home furnishings industry, and the gift/stationery market. She has successfully licensed her own creations under the Jenny Faw brand, as well as partnered with manufacturers, and major retailers.

Jenny works in a lovely “Princess Shed” within the National Seashore at home in Eastham MA with her black lab muse “Nyx” at her feet. She is inspired by the nature around her and loves to teach watercolor workshops. “Inspiring and empowering others is food for my soul; seeing people enjoy my work brings me great joy,” says Jenny.

Jenny’s portfolio

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