Welcome to Eastham for “Sandy the Seahorse”

Welcome to Eastham for “Sandy the Seahorse”

Welcome Sandy on Saturday, March 25, at 2PM

Kimberly Walwer has created another environmental sculpture project, sponsored by The Friends of the Eastham Library, and there will be a reception on Saturday, March 25 at 2PM, to welcome “Sandy the Seahorse” at the Eastham Public Library.

Kimberly sculpted the framework out of chickenwire that was covered with plastic bags and glue by 4th and 5th grade volunteers. They then adorned the seahorse with up cycled and recycled items that had been donated by the community. I would like to thank the everyone for all their donations. Also special thanks to Fran McLoughlin, children’s librarian for coordinating the donations and recruiting the student volunteers.

Sandy will be displayed in the Young Adult Room of the Library.

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