2022 Scholarship Winners

2021 Eastham Painters Guild Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 Eastham Painters Guild scholarship winner from Cape Cod Tech, Allison Nunes. From Yarmouth Port, Allison has been a student in design and visual communications. Her instructor at Cape Cod Tech, Scott Nagle, said that Allison “is one of the most talented and capable design students that I have seen at the high school or college level. She is conceptually and technically at a level of illustrating and layout that I believe could gain her employment, scholarship and acceptance into many of the art schools she is interested in.”

Congratulations also to Nauset Regional High School 2022 scholarship winners Hanna Tracy and Poe (Reese) VanderSchmidt.

Poe (Reese) VanderSchmidt

Poe VanderSchmidt says, “My chosen name is Poe, and I am a queer, nonbinary, Jewish artist determined to create positive change in the world. I have been accepted into the Parsons School of Design, where I will be continuing my education in the fall. I plan to pursue my career all over the world; expanding my view of art and culture while finding new causes to help. Receiving this scholarship to me is like a love letter from my Cape Cod community, and I want to take the opportunity to write one back. With the aid I have received, I am closer to achieving my educational goals. I am closer to becoming the person I want to be in the world, making the change I am determined to instrument.”

Hanna Tracey is attending Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the fall. She plans to major in jewelry and minor in photography. She loves to do art, hang out with friends, sail, and more.

The Eastham Painters Guild wishes Allison, Poe and Hanna the best in their future college endeavors and beyond!

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